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What people have said...

These are some of the things people have written after the funeral ceremony:

 "From the whole of our family, thank you for delivering a fantastic service this morning for Dad. It went so well and I know that your words were of great support to all that were present.  We are so glad to have had you there to carry out the service in such a professional & compassionate way."

"We were very lucky to get you. There was an immediate connection between you and the family, and my father-in-law would be very happy with what you did. It’s a pity you didn’t meet him, as you would have got along really well. I hope you realise that what you do is more than just a job. To meet an unfamiliar family locked in grief, take away the burden of a very stressful event, and actually make it enjoyable (which it was in its own way), is a real talent and a blessing for the family." 

"We thought you spoke beautifully and that you led proceedings really sensitively & professionally. You have a lovely tone to your voice and read the tributes in such a lovely, touching manner. It was a really harrowing day but I felt you pulled things together really beautifully for us. Thank you - Genuinely." 

"We were so very pleased with everything you organised, from the Welsh "Theme" through to the daffodils placed on Dad's coffin, which meant that everyone who wanted to, could take part. The songs, music, words and delivery were just perfect. We have had many compliments about the service from those who attended." 

The above comments are a very small selection of recent emails that I have received.  The originals are available for verification.