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When my mother died in 2002, this was the first time I had had to organise a funeral.  She asked my sister and me to organise something personal and non-religious.  At that time, there was only one alternative to a religious funeral service and that was a humanist ceremony.  The humanist officiant listened to everything my sister and I wanted.  With his help, we selected poems and music to suit my mother's sense of humour and positive outlook on life.  With contributions from my sister, I wrote the tribute and my husband read it out.  

When my father died in 2006, I decided to write the tribute, and to read it.  From the comments afterwards, I discovered that very few people are aware that you can have a funeral which is not conducted by a clergyman.  Most people I spoke to loved the idea of a ceremony where the empasis is on the person's life, achievements and character.  I was a member of the British Humanist Association for many years.  However, after much thought, I decided to train to become a celebrant with Civil Ceremonies Ltd in October 2008.    

I am passionate about providing the best possible send-off for each and every family.  I usually conduct two ceremonies each week.

I write each ceremony to suit your requirements based on what you tell me or any notes you may have made.  I will email the draft script for your approval.  You might have no religious beIiefs, like my parents, and prefer the ceremony to be completely non-religious.  Or, you might have a favourite hymn or piece of religious music which you would like to sing or listen to.

If you are at all unsure about what would be the most fitting farewell, I can discuss this with you over the phone and then you can make your mind up in your own time with absolutely no obligation to you.