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These are some things to consider when arranging a funeral service:

  • How long would you like the ceremony to be?  Service times at crematoriums are usually 30 minutes.  Would a double slot better suit your needs?  If lots of people would like to give their own tributes, you might need more time, especially if a large attendance is expected.  However, when planned properly, a short, simple send-off might be more fitting than a longer ceremony. 

  • Do any friends or members of the family want to carry the coffin? This can be emotionally and physically difficult but some people decide that this is how they would like to honour their loved one.  Most funeral directors will be flexible enough for the final decision to be made on the day, but please let them know if you would like professional bearers to be there as back-up.

  • Would any friends or family like to speak?  This may be just a few words, a poem or a longer tribute.  I always allow for a last minute change of mind and will be ready to read the words on your behalf.

  • Would you like the curtains to be closed or remain open?  In older crematoriums, the coffin may pass through a door (e.g. at Woking Crematorium).  If you prefer, the coffin remains.  At Easthampstead Park, there is a choice of voile (see-through) or velvet curtains. 

  • Would you like to approach the coffin at any stage during the ceremony, for example to place a flower?

  • Would you like a choir or any special music, like a Scottish piper?

  • Would you like a flag on the coffin?  Or a personal item?

  • If you decide to have a printed order of service, would you like the funeral director to produce this and have it printed, or would someone in the family prefer to do it?

  • At certain venues like Easthampstead Crematorium you can choose to have the service webcast for family and friends unable to travel.  You can also have a visual tribute where photographs and short video clips are displayed during one of the pieces of music.