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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can a funeral ceremony be conducted anywhere?

A.  I can officiate at any non-religious venue, including crematoria, woodland burial sites and cemeteries.  I cannot officiate in a church or church graveyard.

Q. Are you a humanist?

A.  I did not complete my training with the British Humanist Assocation, although I used to be a member of the BHA.  The emphasis in almost all the ceremonies I write is for everything to be a personal as possible.

Q.  What are your qualifications?

A.  I completed my training as a funeral officiant with Civil Ceremonies Ltd.  I have a wealth of life experience having been a primary school teacher and an officer in the Royal Navy as well as being a mother of two grown-up children.

Q.  Do I arrange the funeral through you or a funeral home?

A.  Please visit your local Funeral Director first.  He or she will take care of all the practical arrangements, including booking the crematorium or cemetery.  They will contact me to check my availabilty.  I will liaise closely with you and the Funeral Director.

Q.  I do not want a religious funeral but I would like to include a favourite hymn - is this allowed?

A.  Yes.  Non-religious people might have favourite hymns or religious music which they would like to have played at their funeral.  Some people choose a hymn simply because they enjoy singing. 

I am happy to answer any further questions with no obligation. 

Email: belinda@thinkceremonies.com

Mobile: 07531 939 808